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Religion;1;8th - Lorry Potvin

Due Date Assignment Description
3/27/2020 Chapter 4 Test The Teaching Church
3/25/2020 Prayer of Petition Watch the Mass or say Rosary. Write a petition and decorate it.
3/24/2020 Lesson 4 Notes Our Heritage Odin Faith
3/24/2020 Activity Book p. 16 Our Heritage of Faith
3/20/2020 Lesson 3 Notes Church Writings
3/20/2020 Activity Book p. 15 Our Heritage of Faith
3/19/2020 Fathers/Doctors Report
3/18/2020 Diya’s Report
3/17/2020 Lesson 2 Notes C & P or Write
3/17/2020 Activity Book p. 14 Creeds and Councils
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