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Science-Health;1;8th - Lorry Potvin

Due Date Assignment Description
4/2/2020 Chapter Vocabulary 35 words and their definitions.
4/1/2020 R & R WS p. 122 Electric Current
4/1/2020 WS p. 123 Surge Protectors
3/30/2020 GRS p. 119-121 Electric Current
3/23/2020 Static Lab Questions
3/19/2020 Static Chart How much static electricity is in your home?
3/17/2020 R & R p. 111 Electric Charge and Static Electricity
3/16/2020 GRS p. 107-110 Electric Charge and Static Electricity
3/5/2020 February Choices 3 articles - 12 worksheets. These count as a Health grade which is part of Science.
3/2/2020 Chapter Test
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