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Lorry Potvin - About Me

The New School Year 

I am happy to spend my days,  

helping you learn in many ways.

From BINGO cards to learn the words,

to science activities that make you squirm.

Those nasty bugs under the scope,

and magic magnets that can float.

The human body what a marvelous creation,

from the Lord above who oversees all nations.

The road we travel will have its bumps,

but together we can make it over the largest hump.

I am here for you so ask away,

your questions I'll answer each and every day.

So sit back and enjoy the ride,

the year will go by so fast, just watch it fly.

I will teach you, and you will teach me,

a great team together we will be.

So happy to be your teacher this year,

let's work together without any fears.