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*This is a helpful tool, however students should rely on his/her agenda book as the definitive on homework.

Grade 5:
Reminders for 6/13/18

Thank You to all of the Chaperones that were able to go with us to Boston yesterday.  What an adventure!  Thank you all for all of your help and support. 

*Tomorrow we will be having an ice cream social to celebrate our Fifth Graders end of the school year. (We will be heading outside to the playground at 10 A.M. to set up, serve, eat and play outside together.  Parents, you are more than welcome to join us. at the playground at this time.)


Dates To Remember: 

6/14/15 - Half Day - Ice Cream Social 

6/15/18 - Early Dismissal / Last Day of School 11 A.M. Dismissal





Homework for 6/13/18


Grade 4 Homework & Reminders: ONLY  

June 13, 2018