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Supply List 2016-2017

*one  3 subject notebook (fifth grade may get a 2-subject notebook)
*one folder
*one box of tissues
*one container of wipes
*pencil case with three pencils, one black pen, one blue pen, one red pen,  one large pencil eraser, and one small ruler
-supplies should be replenished as needed during the school year

Optional:  Math Minutes by Creative Teaching Press (available at Barnes and Noble or online at Amazon)  If not purchased, students will receive copies as we go.  However, many students find it difficult to keep their math minutes organized over the year and benefit from purchasing the workbook.
grade 6 math- Seventh Grade Math Minutes
grade 7 pre-algebra- Eighth Grade Math Minutes

Also optional:  TI-30XIIS  Calculator (for 7th and 8th graders)