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The September Sight Words  Please work on them 

the,and, I, said, up, is, for, look, red, to a, you. in, it 


The October Sight Words

go, little, can. not. my, big, where, we, down. see. one. me. come. orange


The November  Sight Words

jump, away, here, help, make, two, play, run, find, three, funny, he, was, yellow


The December Sight Words

that, she , on , they, but, at, all, there, out, be, have, am, green


The January Sight Words

do, did, what, so get, like, this, will , yes, went, are, now, no, blue

The February Sight Words

came, ride, into, good, want, too, pretty, four, saw, well, ran, eat, who, purple 


Thank you for your support 

Feel free to contact me anytime.  My email is jallberry@stmarthact.eduk12,net