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Welcome to Third Grade!!  


My e-mail address   If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail mail me.  You can also reach me by calling the school at 860-745-3833 



For any homework questions you may have during this school year, I will be posting our daily homework and long term projects like book reports, on this page. 


There will be no spelling test this week because it is a 3 day week!


HOMEWORK:   Read for 15-20 minutes a day and record your book's title and your reading time on your Reading Log.  Reading Logs are due every Monday and can be turned in inside your weekly Red Folder.


Our next book report will be a Show and Tell book report. Your child will teach his/her classmates how to do something.  For example, your child may show the class how to cook something, how to do a science experiment, how to draw something, how to make something doing simple origami, etc.  Your child needs to use directions from a book or internet to teach the steps to his/her classmates.  The reports are due February 19th-21st.  I will assign your child a presentation day. 

Please send in a set of headphones for your child so that we can use our  iPads in class.  Thank you.