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“Mrs. M” welcomes

7th and 8th graders to

US History and World Geography!


In 7th grade history, we are studying early colonial America in the unique and fun way:  The students have created a 17th century village which they have named “Freedom Village,” and they are learning how do things like:

   Ø   Establish laws

   Ø   Create an economy

   Ø   Institute emergency plans for the village and its occupants

   Ø   Meet, understand, and trade with their Native American neighbors

   Ø   Live interdependently, utilizing Christian values, so they can all survive in the New World


The 8th graders are studying a later portion of American history: from the Civil War, onward—again, in a unique and interesting way.  They are learning how to work and communicate with those who hold opposing views—even on issues as tough as slavery—in order to find common ground, identify solutions, utilize Christian values, and settle differences without resorting to hate and violence.



The 7th and 8th graders are both working on full-year geography projects.  Each student is choosing one country and one aspect of life—any topic they wish—then learning everything about that in their chosen country.


Then, they are researching how that particular topic is dealt with in other countries throughout the world, with an emphasis on geography:  How the physical features of their country affect this topic, and how their chosen topic affects the country’s physical features.


At the end of the school year, between written reports, maps, graphs, charts, and tables which they will write, draw and/or create, they will have enough pages (approximately 30) so that they can publish them in a real book on!  As a published author myself, I will lead them through this process, step by step.